Why Jet Set Natural?

Jet Set Natural enables travelers to hit the ground running. Whether flying on a red eye to a board meeting, touring the Pyramids of Giza, or walking a runway for Paris Fashion Week, our unique proprietary blends allow our travelers to be their best selves upon arrival.

Created by a Sleep Specialist

Jet Set Natural is the only jet lag remedy created by a Board-Certified Sleep Specialist. Our founder Eric Gentry, MD, has over twenty-five years of practice experience.

Two Unique All-Natural Blends

Jet Set Natural is composed of two steps: Jet and Set. Each package contains 8 cellulose capsules — (4) Jet and (4) Set. Both are taken in (2) capsule servings. One box of Jet Set Natural suggested for one way of trip.

Jet helps promote relaxation, healthy sleep, reduced motion sickness, and boosted immunity. Set provides balanced energy, enhanced mood, sharpened mental focus, and reduced symptoms of jet lag.*

Our two proprietary blends make Jet Set Natural unlike any other existing products on the market. Utilizing globally sourced ingredients, Jet Set Natural successfully combats the negative symptoms of jet lag.
Jet Set Natural is melatonin-free, eliminating the risk of further offsetting a traveler’s circadian rhythm.

Roots in Sustainability

At Jet Set Natural, our values are rooted in the promotion of a sustainable planetBy compounding natural herbs, vitamins, and minerals, we strive to do our part in bringing a healthy alternative to harmful products on the market.

Jet Set Natural supports organizations such as Carbonfund.org to assist in the fight against climate change on a global scale.