Jet Set Natural

Jet Set Natural

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Two-step travel remedy consisting of herbs, vitamins, and minerals for relief of symptoms associated with jet lag. Created by a Board-Certified Sleep Specialist and made in the USA.
Jet Ingredients

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Take (2) Jet capsules in flight 20 minutes prior to desired relaxation and boosted immunity. Take (2) extra Jet after 2 hours to maintain relaxation or at destination prior to sleep.

Take (2) Set capsules upon daytime arrival for energizing and restorative benefits. Take (2) extra Set after 4-6 hours to maintain energy.

One box of Jet Set Natural suggested for one way of trip.


Formulated with calming Valerian Root and Chamomile, Jet promotes relaxation and sleep during your flight as it boosts immunity and helps reduce motion sickness.*

Formulated with invigorating Ginseng, Matcha, and Guarana, Set enhances your mood and provides balanced energy once you've arrived at your destination.*

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Customer Reviews

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Valbona Xhani

I took this for a 12 hour flight. It did let me dose into sleep and relax on the plane. It does come with a set for in flight and then one to get more energy after. It seemed to work and i did feel less laggy after.

Paola Ledezma
A good product!

Every time I get on a plane, no matter the flight's duration, I always get some sort of jet lag. I used this product on a shorter flight and after landing, I felt less tired and actually relax. I like that it has all-natural ingredients and I cannot wait to try on an overseas flight when I go to Europe. Overall good quality and price.

Tori Simokov
Put Me At Ease Like Nothing Else

I have flight anxiety and get especially scared during any turbulence. I’m proud to say that after taking “jet” on each of my flights, I was able to calmly breathe through the turbulence and feel mostly at ease. I couldn’t believe how relaxed I was and I’ll definitely be purchasing Jet Set Natural before each of my flights.

P Sin
Works at the right time

At first I thought it was excessive taking 8 pills within 24 hours but now I know they work at the right time in doses. I took 2 Jet pills to relax and I didn't feel sleepy until I took 2 more a cpl hours later. When I woke up, I immediately took 2 Set pills. It helped but it really kicked in when I took the other 2 pills about 4 hours later to stay alert which lasted through the evening.

I took it to fix my sleep schedule since it's been irregular so I'm glad I found this!

As advertised

Nice looks as advertised